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Snowy Owls 2020-2021


Teaching Team

Snowy Owls is a mixed age class made up of both Foundation Stage (YR) and Y1children. They are taught by Miss Evans with the support of Teaching Assistants Ms McCulloch, Mrs Nuttall and Mrs Thorpe, who will also support Barn Owls.  Snowy Owls class work closely with Barn Owls with the unit they are in remaining open so that there is a lot of collaboration.  Owls Unit also work with Tawny Owls.

For more information on our EYFS team and the learning environment visit our section specifically for new starters by clicking here.

If you are a Year 1 in Snowy Owls, the teaching team has a special welcome message for you below.


Curriculum Information

Click on the Parent Plan below to find out what we will be learning this year.  We have also added our knowledge organisers for some subjects.

knowledge organiser shows what the learning will be for each specific term.  Children can use do some further research and reading on the subject at home. They are also designed to be used at home by parents to help children learn the information contained within.

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