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Music Tuition


During the school day we are able to provide music tuition in a range of instruments for KS2.  These are provided by private teachers.

The instruments available are:

Guitar                   Keyboard                         Drums

Woodwind (flute, clarinet etc.)                  Strings (violin, cello etc.)

Brass                    Recorder

At the end of every school year a letter is sent home to all the children in order for music tuition applications to be completed.  We usually manage to accommodate children’s first choice.  Music fees are charged termly in advance and we require a term’s notice to terminate the agreement.  Learning an instrument does take serious commitment.

Peripatetic Teachers

Ben Jones (Guitar) - further details about Ben can be found here

Kim Rance (Woodwind) - further details about Kim can be found here.

John Joy (Drums) - further details about John can be found here.





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