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Walwayne Court Primary School

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Ready, Respectful & Safe

Vision, Aims & Values


Our educational experiences inspire enjoyment and engagement to promote well-being for everyone, enabling them to fulfil their potential so that children have a sense of their role and place in the community.



Quality of Education

  • At Walwayne, the work given to pupils, over time and across the school, will consistently match the aims of the curriculum.
  • At Walwayne, pupils will consistently achieve highly, particularly the most disadvantaged.  Pupils with SEND will achieve exceptionally well.
  • At Walwayne, our progress and attainment data from EYFS, KS1 and KS2 will be in line with or exceed the national average.

Behaviours and Attitudes

  • At Walwayne, pupils will behave with consistently high levels of respect for others.
  • At Walwayne, pupils will be highly motivated and persistent in the face of difficulties.
  • At Walwayne, pupils will behave consistently well, demonstrating high levels of self-control and consistently positive attitudes to their education.

Personal Development

  • At Walwayne, we will have a community understanding of the varying needs across the school.
  • At Walwayne, we will have an ethos which is safe, nurturing and supports the mental wellbeing of all.
  • At Walwayne, pupils will be provided with meaningful opportunities to understand how to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society.

Leadership and Management

  • At Walwayne, we will have distributed leadership where everyone will be supported and empowered to lead across the school.
  • At Walwayne, leaders will ensure that teachers receive focused and highly effective professional development.
  • At Walwayne, staff will consistently report high levels of support for wellbeing issues.

Quality of Early Years Education

  • At Walwayne, the EYFS curriculum will provide no limits or barriers to the children's achievements, regardless of their backgrounds, circumstances or needs.
  • At Walwayne, the impact of the curriculum on what children know, can remember and do, will be strong.
  • At Walwayne, children will be highly motivated and eager to join in.
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