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What? Why? and How?

These questions are key to developing pupil’s scientific knowledge, whilst nurturing their natural curiosity, engendering excitement and investigation of natural phenomena.

Through practical experiences pupils can link their science directly to elements of everyday life, be it the reasons flowers bloom, the light coming on or Usain Bolt sprinting to Gold. Science develops creative ideas, tempering scientific concepts with reasoning and evaluation. The everyday relevance and practical application of science helps engage pupils across a broad spectrum of experiences allowing them to track its advances and application across the globe. These experiences can be related to how scientific advances have helped new ideas and products in medicine, business and on our lives.


The aims of teaching science at Walwayne are:-

  • To nurture and maintain natural curiosity.
  • To develop a scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the world.
  • To discover scientific links and concepts that relate to everyday experiences.
  • To encourage creative problem solving using scientific skills and vocabulary for predicting, reasoning and evaluating concepts.
  • To promote a wide range of safe practical skills for investigation, using a range of scientific equipment and ICT technology.
  • To record and promote clear communication of discovered concepts, displaying and interpreting recorded data.
  • To promote cross curricular links with key subjects for interpreting data (maths), promoting science concepts (English, Art & ICT) and construction of investigations (DT).
  • To engender a respect for the natural world, understanding the relevance of species dependences.
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