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Religious Education (RE)


Our Religious Education curriculum is designed to create happy, engaged, lifelong learners. Our lessons promote respect and open-mindedness towards the many religions in our community, by asking questions and finding connections. The curriculum helps develop the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Teachers provide engaging, thought provoking lessons which strengthens their understanding of the subject both academically and spiritually. We encourage our children to ask and answer questions and to reflect on their own values and experiences. All members of staff provide children with the opportunity to develop their social skills, which will reiterate our school values, which in turn helps them in school life and beyond.


We follow the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus and the Discovery RE scheme of work to form the basis of our two year, long-term, rolling programme. In KS1, the children learn about Christianity and Judaism. In KS2, the children revisit these religions and they learn about Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. Our lessons encourage the children to think philosophically and critically by asking deep, open ended questions. Our curriculum guides the children to learn about respect and diversity in the United Kingdom and around the world. Evidence of the children’s understanding is recorded in the newly introduced floor books and the format of the lesson is structured through a ‘circle time’ thus providing lots of opportunities for discussion and reflection.


We want happy, engaged, lifelong learners. We want children who attend our school to feel that their culture is celebrated. We want to create respectful members of society.

What are we working on?

At Walwayne Court we are looking at using floor books to capture the children’s personal and spiritual reflections from the lesson.

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