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The intent of English at Walwayne is to design a curriculum which is accessible to all and will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We deliver lessons that are creative, cross-curricula (where appropriate) and engaging, which lead to purposeful pieces of work. At Walwayne, we recognise children learn better with purpose and context and therefore we always write to inform, entertain, persuade or discuss. Through using high-quality texts and immersing children in vocabulary rich learning environments, we ensure curriculum expectations and the progression of skills are met. The children at Walwayne will be exposed to a language heavy and creative English curriculum which will not only enable them to become primary literate but will also aim to develop a love of reading,  creative, resilient writers and confident speakers.


To teach our English Curriculum, we do the following things:

· Teachers reinforce high expectations that all children are capable of achieving high standards in English by ensuring that our lessons cater for all the abilities in our classrooms. They deliver these lessons through quality first teaching.

· Ensure Talk for Writing and the Tower Hamlets language structures are embedded in our teaching of writing across the school to ensure that children are able to verbalise their ideas and thinking before they even begin writing and to support oracy.  We aim to teach a range of genres across each year and have a balance of fiction and non-fiction pieces of work. We use cold writes and hot writes at the start and end of each unit to provide us with a baseline assessment and to measure progress. Children are taught to edit, adapt and improve their work as part of their writing lesson.

- Consistently expect high levels of presentation in all of our written work from all members of staff in line with what each child is capable of.   Weekly cursive handwriting sessions and regular opportunities to practice help to ensure this. For those who find handwriting difficult, a range of recording is used.

- Plan high quality, age-specific, discreet Phonics and SPAG lessons using the Sounds-Write programme (YR-Y3) and Spelling shed spelling scheme (Y4-Y6).

- Provide a broad and balanced reading curriculum through high quality guided reading sessions which focus on reading skills through an individual, whole class or small group approach. We promote a love of reading by celebrating reading and readers whenever we can and by running a reading at home incentive scheme.  Our bottom 20% of readers in each class are heard on a daily basis.

- Encourage children from the day they start Reception to speak in full sentences and to use their confident voices when speaking in class. In EYFS/ KS1, children are encouraged to stand whenever they want to speak.


Through our English curriculum at Walwayne, we are creating literate, confident children who love to read and write.  Our English books show the progression from the start of a unit to the end and celebrate our final pieces of work.  Children are able to read back and edit their own work confidently in order to make it better.  Through the feedback and interventions provided by teachers, children strive to be the best they can be and take pride in their work.  

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