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Walwayne Court


Mrs Madden - Thrive Practitioner Mrs Burrows - Thrive Practitioner

 Our learning in Thrive

  • We have been painting our emotions whilst listening to different styles of music. We have been able to explain and discuss the feelings we felt whilst doing this.
  • We have been continuing our emotion work and have been looking at sensations in our bodies and how others express their feelings .
  • We have been focusing on music and how we interpret our feelings through sound and we have created our own sounds using various instruments.
  • In our individual Thrive sessions we have been looking at the book The Colour Monster. We have been looking at different emotions and how colours can represent how we feel.
  • We have been welcoming the children back for the new year and looking at their targets. In the afternoon group sessions this term we are looking at social skills in school, home and the community. One of the activities this week involved recognising our own personal space and lots of fun was had with hoops to practice this important skill!